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Devices of confidential communication (DCC) destined for cryptographicа secure of confidential information,а handed over through the telephone cell canals ofа GSM standard, The peculiarity of the worked upа cryptographic terminals is a possibility of transition from open routine option of communication, which is being conducted in straight vocal canal, to the

secured one, being done with data transmission optionа without interruption аof communication session.а A codifying Algorithm of all DCC is realized in accordance with the State Standard -28147-89 in the option of gamming with synchronized transmission and provides a blockТs codifying with a key by dimension of 256а bits. The cryptographic enduranceа of a secured communication canal аis confirmed by state examination. The device is certifiedаа in Ukraine.

It is possible to useа symmetric and asymmetric regimenа of establishingа the session of cryptographic secured communication. In first option the key information in DC╤ is renewed upа once in a month, and keys attached to authority of confidential communications are interchanged automatically once in a day. In second option renovation of keyа information is being done not often thenа once in a year,а and the keys in DC are being issued for every session ofа telephone communication on the base ofа Diffy-Helman`s algorithm .

Generation and inserting of key information is being performed by complex of systemТsа maintenance ╤SM-001, which may be located in centralized service center or with the concrete consumer, that ensures to him full independence of key information and high degree of securing the communicationТs canals. A possibility to prevent their unsanctionedа use is foreseen in the devices in the case of itТs being lostа or theft. The designer and producer of DCC and ╤SM is corporation "╥└╤╩╬". The authorizedа exporter (seller) is the foreign trade company "╥└╤╩╬-export"







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